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At your service

Bluebee’s genome analytics platform combines best-in-class tools and components to enable efficient pipeline processing. Our innovative hybrid-core architecture demonstrates impressive performance gains, at substantially lower cost.

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Stay focused

Rather than spending scant budgets on capital intensive investments in hardware and infrastructure support headcount, Bluebee’s cloud based solutions allow you to focus efforts and your best people for the right cause: better analytics.

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Flexible solutions

We all know there is no "one size fits all". Pipelines need to be specifically designed for the use case and all associated variables. But that does not mean you need a bespoke solution. Bluebee offers a flexible solution based on configurable and editable pipelines.

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Full transparancy

At Bluebee we use generally accepted and verifiable algorithms. What makes us unique is the way we run them on high performance computing infrastructure, significantly increasing processing speed. We gain speed through acceleration, not by adapting the science.

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Big turnout for our Personalized Medicine workshop hosted in conjunction with IBM and OpenPOWER

On the eve of the Supercomputing conference SC15, the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM and Bluebee co-hosted a workshop on Personalized Medicine in Austin, TX.

The OpenPOWER Personalized Medicine Workshop reached out to the key players and stakeholders in the genomics field, to spur discussion, identify current trends and chart future challenges and opportunities.Read More

Bluebee supports the annual charity event of Rotary Brussels Catersteen

Bluebee is sponsoring the annual charity event organised by Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen. The event will take place on the Friday November 20th. The evening will be of entertaining nature: projecting the latest Bond Movie: SPECTRE starring high-performance Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Feinnes  and Monica Belluci.

The movie will be followed by a dinner at the prestigious BMW Brand Store Brussels.

As one of Rotary Clubs fundraising events, the SPECTRE movie

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TU Delft – Bluebee paper published at HPC-BCB workshop in Washington

The paper “FPGA Acceleration of the Pair-HMMs Forwards Algorithm for DNA Sequence Analysis” – researched and written in a collaboration between Computer Engineering Lab at Delft University of Technology and Bluebee – describes how FPGA implementation of the pair-HMMs algorithm scales up to 67x faster vs. software-only execution.
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